Fairwil: Table of Contents

Do You Want the Greeting Card or the Real Thing?
Are You Somebody’s This Person, This Person, This Person?
Are You in the Middle of Your Happy Ending?
Do You Think It’ll Ever Be Normal on Our Corner? 
Is Everything Very Close Together?
Do You Ever Wonder What’s Beneath Us?
Does Anyone Crack the Whip on the Famous?
Do You Give an Octopus’s Ass?
Where’s My Damn Sequin? 
Have You Ever Seen Anything Weird on the Roof?
Are You Attracted to Failures?
Who Here Has Taken Stairs Before?
Can We Share?
Who Built the Stairs?
Are You a Sad, Sad Figurehead?
Do We Dare Deputize the Problem-Makers?
Is Something Bigger Nearer?
How Do You Feel About Bartering?
Is That a Microwave Oven on the Motel?
Are You Watching Me Right Now?
Do You Want to Be Fired?
How Hard Are You Rattling?
Are You Writing the Story Now?
Can Your Teenage Rebellion Have a Late Start?
When Does Brand-Building Go Mad?
Does a Motel Man Work Hard?
If It’s on the Internet, Is It True?
Is It a Special Night in a Young Person’s Life?
Will You Be the Marshmallow Inside My Thought Chocolates?
Do You Want to Take a Short Walk Around the World?
Do You Want to Freeze This Moment?
Will You Call Me if You Intend to Get Lost? 
What Time Do You Need to Arrive?
What Wonders Would Future Envelopes Hold?
What Is Going On?
Are You Having a Revelatory Moment?
Am I Your Future Reference?
Does Your Commitment to Whimsy Rankle?
Do You Want to See All the Things at Once?
Where’s Delete?
Is That Not Your Issue?
Can You Relax?
Is He Kind?
What’s Sexier Than Glove Removal?
Will You Find a Frog in Your Bathtub?
Are You Going Full Princess?
Are You Charmed or Annoyed?
Did You Know John and Sue Both Enjoy Crime Novels?
Are These the People Who Attend The Wilfair’s Balls?
Is The Wilfair on Top?
Do You Need Frozen Peas?
Are You Going to Interrupt Me, Too?
Is Violence Always the Solution?
What’s the Word for, Like, Wrist Knob?
Are You Going to Watch Me Change or Not?
What Am I Without Drama?
Does the Shirt Fit?
Who Am I?
Have You Ever Had Some Fun?
Do You Accept This Gift?
Is “Sexy” the Word You Were Searching For?
Where’s Your Engagement with the Now?
Do You Love Jumping Into the Next New Thing?
Do Boys Add Noise?
Who Has Pajamas?
Who Is Getting It On with Whom?
Does No One Have to Be Sad?
Does Everyone Win?
Do You Have Everything You Need?
What’s the Next Wonderful Thing?


Amanda W said...


So. Much. Love.

Chiara said...

I don't even know which chapters to comment on, so many good ones! Love the marshmallow and get lost ones in particular but so many other good ones!

myrandaroyann said...

I'm so excited!!

Ginny said...

I always get so excited to read the book, sometimes I don't take time to appreciate the chapter titles! :) It's nice seeing them listed! I particularly like the
Octopus Ass!

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