Four Recent Monty Sightings

When I chose the name Monty for one of the main characters in Wilfair, I picked it for a few reasons. It sounds like "jaunty," which our Monty is, it is old-fashioned but needing a comeback, and when you shave it off the larger name Montgomery, it leaves the equally handsome name of Gomery.

I hadn't come across too many Montys in the world at large or pop culture when I chose it, but, randomly, I've seen/met four in the last two weeks.

Montys rule!

1. I recently met this handsome Monty in my neighborhood. He's a French Bulldog, the kind of dog that Clementine Hwang from the books has. Also, his mom's feet in the background? She was looking at vintage dresses on a rack, the kind Fair Finley might wear, at a local yard sale. We're very big on vintage in the Wilfair neighborhood!

2. Actor Aidan Bristow just played a character named Monty on the stage in a short, most excellent noir play my friend Jen directed.

He looks a bit like our Wilfair Monty, no?

3. There's Monty from Denmark. This sweet cat was born without a bone in his nose.

4. Monty's Christmas, an ad for British retailer John Lewis, is getting the awwwwws right now. Monty is the penguin.

I highly recommend watching the advert! Very touching, very well done.


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