I Thank You

It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., and I'm very much reminded about how thankful I am for every reader.

I'm heart-sparkly with gratitude over you!

Thank you so much for visiting Wilfair -- blog and books -- and your support and zany hellos and the random things you share with me. Most recent example below. (It's a photo of an echidna from a reader in Australia, who learned that echidnas are one of my favorites. She saw this spiky sweetheart in-person -- or, um, in-echidna? -- at an event. Jealous! And glad for her! One day I'll see an echidna with my own echidna-loving eyes.)

Also, yes, the size and shape of the photograph reveal that I made it my phone's lockscreen image. I'm serious about a) photos readers share with me and b) echidna love.

So... Can you believe I'm sending out "Fairwil" this coming weekend?

I'm with family now, but once they're on the road, post-feasting, I'll plunk down in my chair and take care of the final odds and ends, then start sending out Sunday night into Monday-Tuesday-ish.

I realized that I have quite a few more people to send ARCs to this time around, so the "Stay Awhile" send-out schedule isn't going to apply! It's grown. Like, quite a bit. Hoo boy.

So grateful.

This also means acknowledgements might go at the end, a change. They've grown, too. Thank you, everyone! From the heart.

Oh, if you're McSweeney's fans, my annual Thanksgiving piece is up, The Butterball Help-Line Help-Line. Reading it now, nine years after it first ran on the site, I can see the building blocks that later went into "Wilfair": joking, word play, food, relationships, work, and unabashed emotion.

Those might be some of my favorite things, too, in addition to echidnas.

Sending you love, thanks, spiky Australian beasties, and, in a few days, "Fairwil." xo


Jamila said...

Did you know a baby echinda is called a puggle? I'm getting a dog puggle (pug/beagle mix), so I spend a lot of time looking at them on the internet. A google image search pulls up a lot of both kinds, so I'm pretty in love with baby echinda puggles now too!


Happy Thanksgiving, Alysia!! I LOVE Fairwil so I know all the new ARC readers will too!

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