Please Ask Me for an ARC!

Wilfair people!

So as I cruise into the FINAL days with "Fairwil" -- oh gosh I can hardly believe it -- I do have one concern and it is this: That some readers won't ask me for a pdf of the book, out of shyness or not wanting to write me or lack of time or what have you.

I speak from experience here, because several readers I hadn't yet met wrote me when I posted about the "Stay Awhile" ARC. And a number of emails began "I'm so sorry I haven't commented/written, but I'd love one..."

Oh good gravy YES. Of course. I have no problem with that, only delight, so write me, even if we haven't been introduced yet, and say "yo, Alysia, send me 'Fairwil' at once!" is the key to this door.

Doesn't have to be a long email. You don't have to share your favorite food or era of clothing (though you know I'd love to hear it). You only need request the ARC.

That said, if we have met, and spoken, you will get the last Wilfair book this month -- no need to write me (though you know I'd love to hear from you). Wheeeeeeeee! And if you don't get one, poke me, in the side, hard, and say "yo, Alysia, send me 'Fairwil' at once!"

A reader has written a darling post on this very topic, and I'll post that in a day or two.

Please ask ask ask away! I want to send it to you, known readers and readers unknown to me!

xo Alysia


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