"Fairwil" Is Here!

Lovely Wilfair community!

I've got most of the ARCs sent but I'm still trying to connect with a few readers. If you're one of those readers who has not heard from me (but should have), please email me at wilfairbook@gmail.com. I want to give you a book!

Two things:

1. If you'd like to see your name a different way in the acknowledgments, please tell me. As a person who has seen her own name spelled a variety of ways, I definitely want to get your name correct.

2. Should you come across a typo or anything funky, for sure, let me know -- don't be shy. That's one of the nice things about this stage. Fingers crossed it is pretty dang shipshape, lots of eyes on it, and so forth, but please reach out, for any reason.

How fun! It's "Fairwil" time!


Ginny said...

I think this one is my favorite poster! So cute!

Elisa said...

I agree! I can't wait to dive in to Fairwil!

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