Fairwil's Publication Date

Hey lovelies!

I've talked with so many of you over the last few weeks, and sent ARCs your way, and it has all made my January sparkle like fresh snow.

But I know some of you would prefer to read the final Wilfair volume as an ebook. So stay tuned -- the "Fairwil" ebook should be available via all the usual places by the end of March. Maybe earlier, if there are no bumps and humps? (Okay, bumps and humps are to be expected in most things.)

If you change your mind on waiting, please write me at wilfairbook@gmail.com for a pdf -- I love hearing from you. And thanks for your patience -- I know I have a few emails to reply to, and some blogging to do, but I'm finally wading through this particularly prep-focused time now. Phew.

Hugs from Los Angeles,


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