Hot Tears

I save my hot tears, as opposed to my everyday lukewarm run-of-the-mill salty tears, for stuff that just turns me inside out, upside down, and changes my life.

This "Fairwil" review at Disquietus Reads brought the hot tears for me. I mean... It's beautiful and touches the center of the book -- which is as hot as hot tears, in my mind -- in a real way. It connects, and I do so love things that connect in a satisfying, "thwick"-nice way.

Thank you, Ashlea, for making my month! I've been in a head-spinny push to get this book out, in ebook form, and this has been a balm for my busy mind.

Also, dear readers: Disquietus Reads is amazing, and reviews books I'm excited to read, now that I have a wee bit more time to read more (lots more), so check it out. Stephanie Perkins, Jandy Nelson, and so many great authors are covered by the word-winsome twosome of Angie and Ashlea.


Ashlea said...

Just part of my lifetime campaign to get everyone ever to read your amazing books! But my absolute favorite thing in the world? Talking with and becoming friends with you! You are so fabulous and you brighten my day constantly.

<3 <3 <3

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