Reader Kaitlyn Visits Wilshire and Fairfax!

I just realized, in the push to ready "Fairwil" for readers, that I did not post this adorable photo of reader Kaitlyn visiting Wilshire and Fairfax while rocking my husband's top hat (I'm the cane holder).

My afternoon with Kaitlyn back in the fall was delightful. We walked around the art museum next door to the Wilfair's corner and talked of Picasso and math. Yes, we did! Highbrow ladies!

The top hat, by the way, was purchased by my nutty husband who walked past a costume store one day and said "today's the day I buy a top hat. " And so he did. It is a very handsome and somber gray, like the color of a rain cloud on the horizon.

He and I dressed as Victorian ghosts, by the way, last Halloween, and the top hat made another appearance. (Also, when ghosts take a selfie, as we did below, it is called a ghelfie -- just fyi.)

Also, the hat is a "Fairwil" harbinger. If you're past the halfway point in your ARC, you'll know what I mean. This book is absolutely NOT top hat-less!

Kaitlyn, you are wonderful and it is a delight to know you! Thanks for visiting me at Wilshire and Fairfax!


Amanda W said...

That photo of you and your husband is just too awesome!

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks! His glasses really make it. And the top hat, too, of course. It was pouring outside, by the way, so I felt as damp and shivery as a real old-timey ghost.

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