Reader Amanda Visits Wilshire and Fairfax!

Oh boy -- this was a whirlwind, sightsee-y, high-spirited, sweet-sweet visit.

LA had a cold streak of rainy winter weather when Ms. Amanda breezed through town, so we ended up spending some of it in front of my fireplace. Cozy times, with pizza, and chatting. The best.

For our corner photo, we went with a lei theme, to brighten up the chilly weather. The leis were made of this fluffy material that shed, shed, shed. So when Amanda departed, the memory of our Wilshire and Fairfax photo stayed on, inside my car, via lei fuzz, which is still pretty much everywhere.

Not cleaning it up. I do love happy reminders.

Thanks for visiting me, and the Wilfairverse, Amanda!

Oh, also -- here's the gorgeous Amanda looking chic in front of the art museum's lamp forest (the museum next to The Wilfair's corner). The installation is called Urban Light and it is in "Fairwil" -- very much in "Fairwil" -- if you've read it!

Finally, here are the little bits of lei fuzz I'm not vacuuming up, in my car, though I had to clean up a lot of the lei fuzz over the weekend, against my will, because I spilled lobster bisque all over my front seats and floor, and I'm advising you here and now that if you ever have to spill ANY soup in your car, may it never, ever be lobster bisque.

That is my wish for you all. More lei fuzz, less lobster bisque (or at least may the bisque be inside you and not all over your dashboard).


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