Fairwil Is Live!

Hey hey hey!

So "Fairwil" is up at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and Kobo and a few other places.

No longer a pdf but an ebook! Woot! It's magic.

I know a couple of readers prefer ebooks, so if you skipped a pdf in favor of waiting on an ebook, and I miss you, please drop me a line at wilfairbook@gmail.com.



do dah said...

Oh, yay, I'm glad I thought to check here for a dose of happy! Congratulations :)

Unknown said...

What richness! I've had a crummy day at work and this is a wonderful way to make it better.

Chiara said...

Congratulations on the release!!

It's nice to have final version on my Kindle now as well :) Maybe someday there'll be print versions as well?

I've been meaning to email you since forever but lately I feel like time is flying away from me and I'm running behind trying to catch it. Anyway, I'll get to it but for now I'll already say thank you for the arc and thank you for this series. I enjoyed the ride immensely and Fairwil was a wonderful conclusion to this awesome ride.

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