Friend Love

Three smiles...

1. I'm so so so excited for my magical friend Rachel Katz. She's a sublime jewelry designer, the sublimest, and her beautiful, distinctive pieces have been catching light, and attention, on various red carpets around Hollywood.

Taylor Swift wore one of Rach's rings last night at the I Heart Radio awards and I feel like I want to burst on my pal's behalf. It's gorgeous and you can see it on Ms. Swift by sauntering this way.

I love when talented friends get the big love. Can I also say Rachel has been a Wilfairy from nearly the beginning. Friend support=the best.

2. I don't know all of my Wilfair ladies' birthdays, though I wish I did. I adore birthdays. I want to make it to 104, if possible (also, something to know about me -- I tell random people my age all day long, much to their confusion, I'm sure). It's Amanda's birthday today, a fabulous reader who came to visit me a couple of months back. So I wanted to send her a hug.

If you feel I should know your birthday, tell me!

Here she is looking lovely at the lamp installation mentioned in Fairwil. OH YES IT IS.

3. Jill, my travel bud reader (we like to talk about places we want to go) sent me this video. She said it reminded her of Fair Finley. Yes! Plus the pool imagery, the lyrics, the fun. I listened to Ximena SariƱana while writing the last book but I wasn't aware of this upbeat ditty. Glad I am now!


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