Reader-Made Graph: The Touch Count

Wilfair readers -- Wilfairies, if you will -- are incredibly creative people.
They have delightful notions and ideas I wouldn't dream of, such as needlepointing a bookmark that features a quote found in the books.

Another reader just created a graph, to celebrate the release of "Fairwil." The graph's theme? Each time Fair and Gomery touch in the books.

I mean. I MEAN.

Right? This is astounding. I love that Lovely Reader took the time to count every touch in every book -- every little hand graze, every elbow brush, every single time these two characters come into contact -- and I love that she created a proper Touch Graph.

So, Wilfairies, I present to you, courtesy of one of your co-Wilfairies, all of the times in the Wilfair series that Fair Finley and Gomery Overbove enter each others' spheres at close contact.

("Fairwil," ha ha ha ha ha ha.)


Jamila said...

I love that!!!

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