Reader Pinterest Page: 500 Dip Bar

It always tickles me to see stuff from the Wilfair books show up elsewhere. So believe that I was tickled -- and tempted -- by this Pinterest page from reader Ginny.

Her page is called 500 Dip Bar and it feels like the right thing to share at the beginning of a week. Because DIPS. Creamy, luscious, rich. Amirite?

Thank you, Ginny! That birthday cake dip and baked Brie dip are calling my name today. And it is morning still. Is that wrong? (No!)

Fun fact: Ginny's 500 Dip Bar page features *exactly* 500 Dips. GINNY! You amaze. Hugs.



Caitlin #1 said...

YUM. This is brilliant!!

I love how creative this fandom is. :)

Ginny said...

Dip is right at any time of day! :)

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