The Dailiness of Love

Not sure if you've seen the charming work of the artist Puuung, but, if not, you have to check it out. The illustrations are so sweet and celebrate love around the house in all of its everydayness.

This is touching me this week and, yes, the images seem very Wilfair-y to my eyes, in spirit.

Hope you are great -- thank you for the emails, I'll be responding very soon!


source: Bored Panda


Caitlin #1 said...

I love how warm and inviting these are. I want to live in the second one, with the big couch and the bookshelves.

The dancing couple? Totally Fair and Gomery.

Wilfair Book said...

I thought the same, Caitlin #1! I'm glad you enjoyed. You were one of the readers who sprung to mind when I saw them. :)

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