Favorite Things: Electronic Classical

I adore butternut squash, surprise hellos from missed friends, and electronic classical music.

I don't want to say that electronic classical had its heyday in the funky-fabulous 1970s, but it possesses a spritely future-past sound that's difficult for most genres to achieve. So, at least it seems to me, that too few artists take it on nowadays.

(Classical representing past composers, though amazing classical music is written today, of course. And the Moog-y synthesizer-based electronic serving as the magical promise of things to come.)

Many of my still-forming ideas loiter in the hallway connecting the road ahead and times gone by. It's a good place to stow such mind-wanderings, because the juiciest story seeds, I find, have a connection to several times outside of the now. If the story that develops is especially interesting, it'll serve as a spyglass into many eras, some not yet lived.

And, nope, it doesn't even have to be a time travel story. Every tale should have a healthy sprinkling of the yore and the still-in-store, regardless of its theme.

This, quite clearly, is pre-dinner prattle on my part, and my butternut squash is starting to burn. But here's a song I love, and a tribute to an artist I love, and listened to a lot of, while writing the Wilfair books: the great Wendy Carlos.

Can you feel the joy?


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