French Dips with Reader Ginny

Friends! Readers! I've missed you all.

I hope you're well and know that I think of you often.

I've had a good summer, a little busier than anticipated, but delightful over all. Making it very delightful was a visit from a reader, the darling Ginny, from Nevada!

We spent a few busy and happy hours running around downtown together. First we ate French Dips at Philippe's, where the French Dip was said to have been invented over a century ago.

Then we walked through Olvera Street, one of LA's oldest quarters, and we toured the Avila Adobe, the oldest standing house in Los Angeles.

A stop by the historic Chinatown Plaza meant we threw a few coins in the famous luck fountain, and we finished our visit at San Antonio Winery, an actual winery in the middle of downtown LA.

I loved spending time together, Ginny!

And lookie-lookie, everyone, at the gorgeous wreath she made using the Wilfair-Fairwil team colors! Isn't it adorable? It now hangs in my office, and when I see its shiny orange and teal colors I think both of a certain hotel and motel I know and my day in LA with the wonderful Ms. Ginny.

I love the word "Home" on it, too. As Gomery Overbove says in the books, "Home is as wide as we want it to be."

And as deep.


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