The Infinity Room Inside Us

Wilfair Friends,

I've been quite busy of late but know I've been thinking of you and the Wilfairverse and new stories and future fun.

For now, I share these (blurry) photos with you of a walk-in artwork I've fallen for: Yayoi Kasuma's 'Infinity Mirrored Room -- The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away' at The Broad Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

It's a small room that's seemingly endless in space, which makes for a most spectacular illusion. There are many tiny lights, too, among the vast recesses of darkness, adding to the general wowness.

So many people want to see this recently opened installation that there is typically a several-hour wait. You get your place in line, go have lunch, and return for some mind dazzlement.

Mr. Painter and I recently went. Here's a photo with the flash on, and off (which I might like better).

Is this how you feel inside sometimes? I hope so. I suspect we all have interior infinity rooms somewhere in the vicinity of our hearts.

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