Season's Greetings from The Wilfair!

I did nurse a small fret, while writing the Wilfair books, as to whether readers would believe that a plucky and cheerful modern young woman like Fair Finley might exist, and whether they'd buy her whole vintage wardrobe.

It was a fantasy stretch, but not by much. Los Angeles is home to a lot of vintage-sweet residents, people who rock frocks and fedoras and look really swell doing so. Add to that a certain pluckishness, and pluckiness, that you often see 'round here, and voĆ­la: Fair Finley is found.

The Living Sisters, one of my heart-happy, mostest favoritest singing groups, captures both the plucky spirit and retro style of the city I'm mad about. They're based here, too, and their ditties delightfully capture that sunny-as-orange-juice, breezy-as-a-palm-tree LA vibe.

Here's a Christmas tune for you, one that could play in the lobby of The Wilfair Hotel this time of year.

Hugs and cookie-scented kisses from Southern California, Alysia


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